Club Tip

Club Tip: Tricky to Find Time to Workout? Try This 5-min Full Body Cardio Routine


  • This is a strength and cardio routine that includes your whole body.
  • It is really efficient and intense – it takes only 5 minutes to complete the workout.
  • Perfect when you are travelling – do it in the hotel room – or working late.
  • No equipment is required, just your body.
  • True High-Intensity-Interval-Training, HIIT.
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Club Tip: How Not To Forget Your Wallet Again

Why do we Forget Where we Put Our Wallet?Body.Brain.Puzzle1

The reason we misplace items, which we blame our memory for, is simple. We were not consciously thinking about it when we put it down, because we were operating on auto-pilot-mode. We were not focusing on what we were doing – in effect, “we” were never “there”, which is why we can not consciously recall where we put the wallet.

The subconscious mind will know where it is.

However, since we engage with the world through our conscious mind, the wallet is as good as lost. This will inevitably happen more often as we grow older, not because our memory is getting worse, but because we have more memories and associations. As a result, our conscious mind is going to be distracted more often, making it harder to concentrate on what we are doing, especially on easy everyday activities.

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Workout (M): Card Shuffle


  • This is a full body routine that uses a deck of cards (52 cards) to determine the exercises. This brings a lot of variety to the workout. ‘Which will be the next exercise?’, you will wonder.
  • It is basically a strength routine, but if you keep the rest time between exercises to a minimum, the cardio effect will also be great.
  • Bodyweight exercises only, no equipment required.
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