Business.Cloud.About1We are glad that you have found your way to Club One Fifty. Our goal is to make it really worthwhile for you.

So, what is Club One Fifty?

It is pretty straightforward – Club One Fifty is all about helping our members to live a long — really long — healthy and happy life. We aim for centennials, 100 years, and beyond. For more details, read our Mission below, the Strategies used and our Philosophy. When ready, sign up for your FREE Membership.

“A sound mind in a sound body, is a short, but full description of a happy state in this world.” – John Locke


The mission of Club One Fifty is to improve the quality of life, through better health, and significantly increase the chances of living a long life.


The strategies that Club One Fifty uses to support the mission include:

  • Identification and promotion of good habits. Click here for a few recent examples.
  • Presentation of unique exercises for both body and brain. Which exercises are best for a long life? We will tell you. Click here for more information.
  • Support and strategies around reduction and removal of risk factors, such as tobacco use, obesity, high blood pressure and excessive alcohol use. How should you reduce the risk of a stroke and a heart attack?
  • Presentation of examples of great food. What to eat for a healthy brain.
  • Provision of your Individual Physical Activity Programme. This programme is tailored to your personal situation taking into account your goals, age, previous and current physical activity, fitness preferences and other factors.
  • Collecting and sharing of scientific news around healthy living.
  • … and more.


We believe in living a balanced life, of finding and pursuing ‘good enough’ solutions. This should be viewed in contrast to ‘optimizing strategies’. We do not believe in optimizing some specific aspect in our life as humans in order to reach old age. No person currently knows what to optimize and even if we knew, all individuals differ from one another. Optimizing the ‘optimal’ aspect for one person might not lead to optimality for another person.

We believe in keeping down excessive behaviour, as long-term excesses, be it drinking large amounts of alcohol or eating too much food, have a tendency of wearing down the body and to cause diseases. We also acknowledge that we are humans and that life could become too dull if all excesses were abolished. Try to keep them limited.

We believe in basing our actions and habits on science, on scientific discoveries. Scientifically established ‘truths’ are often grounded in long-term studies incorporating many study objects, i.e. the probability that the findings are true is higher than for other more non-scientific methods.

We strive for objectivity, but as humans we are affected by our human biases. These biases could, and sometimes do, result in unintended subjectivity.

We acknowledge the presence of external interference, i.e. even if we live our life in a healthy way that, if uninterrupted, would lead to reaching old age, we could be affected by external forces that are beyond our control. For instance, we could tomorrow be run down by a car when crossing the street, we could catch a deadly disease, we could be subject to violence from other people, and so on.


My name is Ulf Björkman and I am the Club Director of Club One Fifty. I have for many years had a strong interest in strategies around healthy living and longevity. My wish is to help as many people as possible to a happy, healthy and hopefully long life.

I am an enthusiastic sportsman – play tennis and golf – and try to exercise at least five days per week. The ‘do-anywhere’ workouts of Club One Fifty are perfect – can be done wherever, irrespective of age and fitness level.

The team around me in Club One Fifty includes many types of specialists – we have Fitness Experts, Doctors, Tennis Champs, Event Planners, and more – all at your disposal.

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