Defeat Diabetes in Two Minutes

Body.Disease.DiabetesHigh-intensity interval training, abbreviated as HIIT, is a fitness regime characterized by short bursts of intensive physical activity. John Babraj, from Abertay University (United Kingdom), and colleagues enrolled 3 male and 11 female untrained individuals, average age 42 years, average BMI 24-29 kgm2, to perform twice weekly exercise consisting of 10 × 6-second sprints with a one minute recovery between each sprint. The team assessed metabolic health (oral glucose tolerance test), aerobic capacity (incremental time to exhaustion on a cycle ergometer) and physical function (get up and go test, sit to stand test and loaded 50 m walk), before and after training.

The HIIT regimen, lasting 8 weeks, resulted in a significant improvement in aerobic capacity (8% increase in VO2 peak), physical function, and a reduction in blood glucose under the curve (6% reduction). The study authors submit that: “This study demonstrates for the first time the potential of [high intensity interval training] as a training intervention to improve skeletal muscle function and glucose clearance as we age.”

This is the type of workout that is promoted by Club One Fifty.

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