Brain Workout (M, 118): Elimination


  • Your mission is to determine how many dogs that wore green collars, by doing some elimination.
  • Try solving the problem first with only your brain – no use of pen and paper, or other aid.
  • Good luck!


Fifteen dogs were taken for a walk in the park this morning.

Two were poodles, one greyhound and, of those remaining, one-third were labradors, four spaniels and the rest were retrievers.

One of each breed was a puppy and, of the adult dogs, two labradors, one spaniel and a retriever were wearing red collars, as were all of the puppies.

Of those dogs remaining, half of the spaniels and half of the retrievers wore blue collars. Any dog not yet accounted for wore a green collar.

How many dogs wore green collars?

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