Brain Workout (131): Compass


  • Your mission is to fill every square in the diagram below with a different letter of the alphabet from A to K inclusive.
  • Use the clues to determine their locations.
  • Reference in the clues to ‘due’ means in any location along the same horizontal or vertical line.
  • Click the link below to find the correct positions.
  • Good luck!


  1. G is further south than I, but further north than B.
  2. E is further south than G, further east than C, further north than J and further west than H.
  3. A is next to and south of B, which is further east than D, which is next to and south of K.
  4. J is next to and south of H.
  5. I is next to and north of F, which is next to and east of K.



Click to view the correct answers.

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