3D-Printed Kidneys Could Become Standard For Simulated Cancer Surgery

Body.Disease.KidneySurgeons from Japan have announced that they have created 3D-printed tumor-containing kidneys for the use of simulated cancer surgery. The Kobe University surgeons were using 3D printing to produce exact scale models of the affected kidneys in patients who have kidney cancer.

The eighth most common cancer affecting adults, kidney cancer is usually treated surgically. But the surgery is difficult and stressful, with high demands on speed and accuracy.

Using computer tomography (CT), the surgeons produced 3D scans of their patients’ kidneys. From this, a transparent 3D-printed model was constructed. The model was transparent so that the surgeons could see exactly where the patients’ blood vessels were positioned in their kidneys.

The surgeons were then able to simulate the surgery on the kidney before performing the real surgery – which was performed robotically.

Check the full article.

Source: Medical News Today.

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