Brain Workout (116): Elimination


  • Your mission is to determine how many kids that painted a green star, by doing some elimination.
  • Try solving the problem first with only your brain – no use of pen and paper, or other aid.
  • Good luck!


Fourteen children (half of whom are boys and half girls) drew a shape and painted it. Five of the boys are eight years old, as are two of the girls. Of the remaining children, one boy and three girls are nine years old and all of the others are ten years of age.

Three of the boys aged eight and half of the girls aged eight painted blue squares. Of those remaining, red circles were painted by one-third of the nine-year-old girls and half of the eight-year-old boys. Of those remaining, any ten-year-old painted a yellow triangle. The rest of the children painted a green star.

How many painted a green star?

Click to view the correct answer.

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