Club Event: Golf Trophy 2014

Event.GolfTrophy2014.4Club One Fifty’s annual golf event, the Golf Trophy, was this year held in Sueno Golf Club, Turkey. The two great and challenging golf courses, the Dunes and the Pines, witnessed some thrilling golf played by our golfing members.

The tournament played over two rounds, stroke play (with max), and the winner by a narrow margin was Cecilia from Sweden (see picture). Congrats and well done! We’ll chase you next year.

We had a great time socializing, dining and playing golf. Intense discussions high and low – is playing golf really supportive of a long life? Which is the ‘best’ physical activity? What is a more relevant measure of body composition than BMI?

We look forward to welcoming you all again next year and hope that there are more golfing members that join us. Thank you all for a great time.


Check out the photo gallery below for some more memories and inspiration.

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